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Place des Ternes

5 minutes' walk from the hotel

At the edge of the 17th and 8th arrondissements, the Place des Ternes is one of the former gateways to the capital. It was actually part of the “Mur des Fermiers Généraux” (Wall of the Farmers-General), an official boundary separating Paris from the small adjoining communities, with a gateway at its centre, the Barrière du Roule, for passing in and out. This gate was famous as the entry point of Louis XVI, returning after his capture in Varennes, but was demolished in 1860 when Paris annexed numerous small surrounding communities. The square is actually named for a former country village that used to be attached to the suburb of Neuilly.

Five minutes from the hotel, the square plays host to numerous flower vendors, working from little green cabins, giving it a very romantic feel. Today it's a real crossing point, where the whole Ternes district comes together. Towards the Avenue de Wagram, you can enjoy the quiet majesty of the Haussmann era buildings. To the south, the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré will surprise you with its lively atmosphere and numerous antique shops. This is where you can also admire the famous Salle Pleyel, the key landmark for orchestral music in Paris. Along the Avenue des Ternes, you will be charmed by numerous little shops as well as big name stores like Fnac and Darty. By crossing the Avenue des Ternes and the Boulevard Péreire, you’ll be able to access the Promenade Péreire, a magnificent garden dotted with pergolas where you’ll be able to relax amid the rose beds.alk